About Us

Although Travel Payments launched as a stand-alone brand in 2023, our story actually began in 2015…

In 2015, our founding team (who were each experienced payments industry professionals) wanted to offer merchant services to small and mid-sized business owners who had been given the “cold shoulder” by the big banks. These small businesses had been deemed “high risk” by the big banks, simply because they operated in specific industries, including the travel industry.

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We launched this original business, “Soar Payments,” and quickly grew into a leader in this “high risk” payments industry. Our growth was driven by sound fundamentals, including competitive pricing, straightforward technology, and devoted customer service, as well as a targeted focus on specific “high risk” industries that big banks simply didn’t want to service.

Almost by accident, our team developed an expertise in the “high risk” travel industry.

An increasing number of our clients were coming from this industry; and our expertise was developed by the experience of providing merchant services to these businesses, which include  travel agencies, cruise lines, vacation package providers and many other types of independent small and mid-sized businesses that operate in the travel space. In response to our travel industry client needs, we developed the technology partnerships and services needed to support high-ticket, high-potential chargeback, 3rd-party fulfillment payment processing with seamless integration to the shopping carts and technologies used by travel businesses.

In 2023, we decided to launch a stand-alone new brand to reflect our expertise in the travel space, as well as the fact that we offer customized solutions that are tailor-made for travel industry businesses. We acquired the premium domain name TravelPayments.com in May 2023, and launched the Travel Payments brand and website shortly thereafter.

Our goal with Travel Payments is to be the “go-to resource” for travel industry businesses who are seeking information on payments processing, as well as customized solutions for travel businesses who need specific merchant services (that the big banks simply don’t offer).

If you own or operate a business in the travel industry and need any kind of merchant services, please get in touch with us. Our friendly, in-house customer support team will be happy to help you!